CillBot Terms:


We allow inspirations that comes from our bot or commands within the bot. Although, we do not allow full on copies of ChillBot or specific commands and features from the bot. Any form of copy will lead to a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and a blacklist to our Discord bot.

Userphone Safety

While we let users talk to other users from other servers, we do not allow some certain content related to sending things to the other side of the Userphone. ChillBot does not allow these following contents:

  • Malicious links or file downloads
  • Slurs or signs of being disrespectful to the other side of the caller
  • Signs of self-harm or encouraging others to do self-harm
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) media
  • Inappropriate comments
These following contents will lead to a blacklist to the Discord bot if we notice or if reported. We can not do anything if the user have decided to add you for harassment or disrespect as it would not be logged in the call. For logged messages related to Userphone, check our privacy page.